Queen’s Hall Digital Presents

Lucy Pawlak:

The World Distributed University of Distance Learning and Remote Experience

Lucy Pawlak is an artist who creates playful and surprising work with moving image and live performance. She works with remote and internet streaming technologies, asking questions about how we live and act together. The World Distributed University of Distance Learning and Remote Experience (W.D.U.D.L.R.E.) is a fictional university created by Lucy to provide “non-traditional non-residential transformational experiences, programmes, research, education and development in an information society.”

Course 1 – Ways Of Hearing Space

Lucy is the first artist to be commissioned to make a piece of work for our Queen’s Hall Digital, online programme. This W.D.U.D.L.R.E. web tutorial in echolocation (seeing through sound) is an online virtual tour of the exhibition curently on show in Gallery 2, Queen’s Hall, Hexham, Northumberland, UK.

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Course 2 – Ways of Feeling Space

Arriving Without Leaving (guaranteed happy ending) is an interactive mini-relationship with an artist in residence is shot entirely from your Point Of View. You are invited to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in this (PG rated) five-sense simulation.

And witness the remnants of a live e-learning session: Timeshare

The remnants of an e-learning session delivered by Lucy live from a real estate condo in Cancun, Mexico are spread around the gallery. Timeshare works with participants to merge Cancun and Hexham through mapping one space onto the other.

Find out more about Lucy at:  www.lucypawlak.com and www.th3rdspace.net

Find out more about Queen’s Hall at www.queenshall.co.uk